easi-fit screw conveyor


Every Shandwood Screw Conveyor comes complete with a fully illustrated handbook containing Safety, Assembly and Maintenance Instructions. The Easi-Fit Screw Conveyor is designed so that it can be easily assembled by a single operator using the proper lifting equipment. The motor-end and bearing-end sections are shipped fully assembled; the intermediate sections are shipped un-bolted to aid assembly.

Shaft Coupling

A key feature of the Easi-Fit Conveyor is the machined profile on the bearing drive shaft which has a mating profile on the auger shaft. This profile shape transmits the drive more effectively without relying on the cross bolts for driving the auger shafts.

The male and female part of the coupling are fully plated to minimise corrosion in the lifetime of the conveyor. The coupling is also protected at the connection by a rubber seal to stop the build up of mud at the connection point. This makes the connection easier to dismantle.

Certification and Quality

All Shandwood Screw Conveyors are fully ATEX certified and comply with all applicable HSE and electrical safety requirements. Shandwood operates a Quality Management system which complies with ISO 9001:2008 and ensures the highest standards in manufacturing and materials control.

Shaft coupling
Shaft coupling

Assembly is achieved in 4 easy steps using the drawings and instructions supplied with every conveyor:

  1. Set out the motor-end section, intermediate troughs and bearing-end section in their relative positions and bolt them together.
  2. Install the intermediate bearing shafts in the positions shown in the assembly drawing.
  3. Assemble the intermediate auger shafts onto the bearing shafts.
  4. Fit all covers, guards and safety equipment before connecting the electrical supply.
easi-fit screw conveyor


The Easi-Fit Screw Conveyor from Shandwood will give a long trouble-free service life. The features of the Easi-Fit Screw Conveyor, which we described earlier, also ensure that decommissioning can be done in a timely and trouble-free manner.

Spares and Service

Shandwood maintains stocks of spare motors, bearings and other consumables at our facility in Forfar, Scotland. Additional spares are available in Dubai and Singapore for the support of our overseas customers.

shaft assembly with sealed roller bearing

Shaft assembly with sealed roller bearing

Bearing Assembly

The precision drive on Shandwood Screw Conveyors means that sealed roller bearings can be used as an alternative to friction bearings. With either bearing option, the bearing assembly can be lifted from the conveyor complete with the intermediate drive shaft for easy maintenance. With the covers off this only requires the removal of 8 bolts.

shaft assembly with sealed roller bearing

Bearing assembly with hard-iron bearing

Auger Shaft

Any section of the main auger shaft can be removed independently from the bearings. It only requires the removal of 4 bolts.


Shandwood Screw Conveyors, including discharge chutes and relevant framework, are made from high quality steel, or stainless steel, as may be required by the customer and operating environment.